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We’ll Assist provides high-quality medical services tailored for those seeking to travel abroad for orthopedic surgery, saving them time and money.

Medical Packages

Whether you’re looking for Knee Replacement, Total or Partial Hip Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy, and Shoulder Arthroscopy, our expert Medical team has the experience, certification, and licensing to provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy yourself during your time in Mexico.

Our Orthopedic Surgery Packages Include:

  • Airport-hotel-airport ground transfers
  • Accommodations at one of our partner hotels and resorts
  • Transportation to and from the medical facility
  • All pre-procedural medical tests
  • Surgeon, medical facility, and hospital fees
  • Anesthesia and anesthesiologist
  • Post-procedural medical consultation at hotel
  • Post-procedural medication

If you do not see the procedure you’re looking for, please ask about all of our available packages in the form. We’re here to help.

Savings of up to 76%

compared to home.

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Popular Procedures

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery treats conditions that cause the cartilage in the knee joint to wear down. You may need a knee replacement if you have an injury that causes severe pain and makes it difficult to do your daily activities, such as walking and climbing stairs. It is usually done when other treatments for knee pain have not helped enough. The goal of a knee replacement is to relieve pain and help you move better. (Read More)

Knee Arthroscopy

This is surgery in which a tiny camera is used to look inside the knee. Small cuts are made to insert the camera and small surgical instruments into the knee to perform the procedure. Small surgical instruments are placed into the knee through the incisions. The knee problem will then be repaired or removed. (Read More)

Total or Partial Hip Replacement

It is a surgery focused on eliminating hip pain that interferes with daily activities and in cases where non-surgical treatments have not helped or are no longer effective. Arthritis damage is the most common reason a hip replacement is needed. Damaged sections of the hip joint are removed and replaced with parts that are usually made of metal, ceramic, and a very hard plastic. This artificial joint (prosthesis) helps reduce pain and improve function. (Read More)

Shoulder Arthroscopy

It is a minimally invasive technique that allows to access and treat many injuries and diseases of the various structures that make up the shoulder joint as well as to examine or repair the tissues that are in or around the joint. The procedure uses a small camera, called an arthroscope, which is inserted through 2 or 3 small incisions less than a centimeter in size. Arthroscopy has become the technique of choice for shoulder diseases, since it is possible to approach difficult-to-access shoulder structures, allowing a complete view from the inside. (Read More)

Meet Your Physicians

Dra. Carolina Alvarez

Dr. Carolina Alvarez

Orthopedic Surgeon


Traumatology and Orthopedics. Member of the PanAmerican Society of Trauma. Master’s in Hospital Management and Head of Orthopedics at We’ll Assist Health.


Annual Services


Years of Experience

Dr. Sergio Avalos

Dr. Sergio Avalos

Orthopedic SURGEON


High specialties in Joint Surgery, Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement and Bone Tumors. Expert Pelvic Surgeon with experience in complex surgeries of both hip and knee prostheses.


Annual Services


Years of Experience

Dr. Fernando Vidal Cervantes

Dr. Fernando Vidal

Orthopedic SURGEON


Traumatology and Orthopedics. High Specialties in Hip Replacement, and Complex Hip Fractures. Master’s in Hospital Management.


Annual Services


Years of Experience


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